Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

The Transparent Tarot is an original, unique deck with a new approach to the tarot. The deck follows the basis Rider-Waite system, yet brings to life a new understanding and a new view of tarot reading.

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To give you an idea of what the cards look like and a view of a quick reading, here is a one card reading for the week. Now, with the Transparent Tarot, this is actually three cards layered to produce one.

Wow! Three Major Arcana cards - should be an interesting week. Below you see the image created by three cards layered - 6 Lovers, 2 High Priestess, 0 Fool. 

Notice how the images intertwine with each other. So, what do we see? The rose captures my attention. The heart flows up from it. In the center of the card, we see a butterfly, the Yin and Yang symbol, a sliver of moon. The open book also draws special attention. So we have a display of symbolism here.

The rose - growth, the heart - love, yin and yang - coming together, butterfly - growth, moon - the unknown. Without even considering the meanings of the tarot card, the symbolism creates its own message.

This week will be about growing, a loving union, and surprises.

Now let's look at the cards. The Lovers - a new relationship or finding balance through choice, The High Priestess - listening to your intuition, and the fool - taking a leap of faith.

Message - There will be a choice to make, listen to your intuition and don't hesitate to move forward.

Another way to look at the cards is through story mode. Below, you will see the cards spread apart, yet connected.

Notice how the yin and yang symbol touches the moon. The choice to be made will have everything to do with my intuition. Perhaps the choice will only be available on a higher level, rather than a physical one. This will be a personal, internal choice, not a action choice. The results will be the freedom to jump with no restraints.

Hope you enjoyed this preview of The Transparent Tarot. It is a deck which grabs both your creative mind and your intuitive mind.

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