Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tarot Spreads & Layouts by Jeanne Fiorini

The subtitle of this slim book, Tarot Spreads & Layouts by Jeanne Fiorini, speaks for itself ~ A User’s Manual for Beginning and Intermediate Readers.

This little, handy book provides more than just spreads and layouts. It offers a friendly guide through the entire process of reading, from asking a question to getting the most out of a reading, no matter how many cards you choose to use.

The book’s information is divided into two sections.

The first section, less than a third of the book, provides the ground rules of tarot reading. An introductory into ‘The Art of Question’ and ‘Reading Skills and Other Practical Matters’ provides a beginner with a firm foundation to begin his/her journey into the tarot world. It also offers some great advice a seasoned reader my find useful. Such things as the importance of having a clear intention before beginning a reading, the use of the Significator, and even reversals are touched upon in this section.

Throughout the book, Fiorini offers helpful hints, which are found in boxes labeled Important. Such information includes items like:

When setting your intention before using the cards, ask yourself: “What is it I really need to know?” 

A reversed position provides alternative ways to view a card in relationship to the other cards within the layout, and thus offers additional avenues of interpretation. 

The second section, the bulk of the book, provides you with a variety of spreads and layouts. Divided into helpful sections of issues, one will find it easy to grab the book and discover the perfect spread for his/her question. Each layout includes a brief overview, diagram, questions to think over during the reading, and guidelines for expanding the layout.

Fiorini wraps the guidebook up nicely with a Reader’s Checklist, some final thoughts, and a reference guide to the card meanings.

Available at Schiffer Books

(Review previously published on Tarot Examiner, November 28, 2012)

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