Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Alphabet for Lovers by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Insights, advice and prophecy about love and relationships according to the Hebrew Alphabet.

The Alphabet for Lovers, the latest product from Israeli artist and author Orna Ben-Shoshan, is 72 heart-shaped cards based on the Hebrew Alphabet. The fronts offer an illustration and number, while the backs contain the Hebrew letter and a key phrase. Within the deck, you gain insights, advice, and prophecy about love and relationships.

Packaged in a sleeved box, shaped like a book, the deck is accompanied by a companion book and a decorative bag to hold your cards.

The companion book gives information on the Tree of Life and our connection with the Hebrew alphabet. It also contains explanations of how the cards work and how to use them. The author offers sample questions, various spreads, insights on ‘yes and no’ questions, along with the topic of finding timing in the cards. Included is a section on determining personal compatibility between two people.

Card interpretations make up the bulk of the companion book. Each section starts with the individual card number, the Hebrew number, and the key phrase. After an introduction to the card, three additional topics are offered: For singles, personality, and advice.

There’s no memorization required with this deck, simply select the card and refer to the booklet for guidance.

After reading through the first part of the companion book and scanning over the interpretation pages, I tried the cards out. On a piece of paper, I jotted down the questions suggested for the two card spread. With my left hand, I shuffled the cards about and pulled out a heart. After writing down my thoughts and impressions from the card and its interpretations, I repeated to select my second card and made my notes. The cards rightfully reflected the relationship in question.

I also performed the tasks to the Personal Compatibility, which basically guides you through choosing a card for each of the two people according to their name. You then refer to ‘personality’ in the interpretation section. It’s up to you to judge whether the two personalities are compatible. Again, the selected cards described the two people in question very well.

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(Review previously published on Tarot Examiner, December 11, 2012)

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