Monday, May 27, 2013

The Week Ahead - Tea Leaf Forecast

The forecast for the week ahead comes in the form of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I purchased this deck at the end of 2011, played with them a little, but never went back. I think the main reason was I tried to do a year forecast and it wasn't so simple. You basically have a lot of cards in the form of predictions made from the art of Tasseography, a form of fortune telling using tea leaves. After you pull the number of cards needed, it’s up to you to group them together to form the accurate predictions.

For the week, we need seven cards in a straight line. Then after looking over them, decide which cards deal with the same issues and form your predictions. Here’s what came up for my week ahead: May 27 – June 2.

After laying them out in a line of seven, I began grouping the cards together. What you see above is what I decided upon.

Mice - discord among friends or family, Skull - hidden secrets can harm you, Vulture - depression, anxiety. Worry that someone is against you.

I felt these three cards grouped together and carried a similar theme. Someone is lying and it's not a harmless lie. It will cause discord among a group. It will be very upsetting to me and cause me grief.

Cane - Pay attention to your health, Dog-Barking - advice from a friend.

These two cards could very likely connect back to those first three cards. I could be so upset about this dishonesty that it causes me to be physically drained and perhaps neglect my health. I should listen closely to advice given by a friend on this situation.

Elephant - a long journey, either physical or mental, will leave you wiser at the end, Mountain - You are on the road to success.

I feel this will be a mental journey, perhaps even a result from the above dispute and the advice given by the friend. This change, this gaining of knowledge, will set me upon the road to success.

Overview - Don't get dragged down by a dispute among friends. Keep moving forward and accept advice from a reliable friend. As your mental journey develops, you will find yourself gaining knowledge and heading down the right road to success.

I'm actually impressed by this outcome, and it wasn't so hard to group them together.

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