Monday, September 30, 2013

Seven of Swords - The Thief

It seems obvious what this man is doing within the 7 of Swords Tarot card, but is it really?

The Swords within the Tarot deck are said to represent thoughts, decisions, and mental upset. The numerology of 7, according to Tarot guides, represents self-awareness or spiritual choice.

So, how do these keywords combine to mark this man as a thief?

Perhaps this card reveals more about the victim rather than the man himself. If you've ever been burglarized, stolen from, or deceived, you quickly become aware of how easily you can become a victim, causing mental upset.

Should you be cautious in your business dealings? Keep your plans to yourself?

This, my friend, is why you need to rely on your own intuitions to interpret the Tarot. A picture is worth a thousand words, and put some keywords on top of that, and well, you have a tangled mess, don’t you?

Of course, this is also the attraction of the cards: so many things to see, to create, to imagine, all from a card or two.

Some Word Play:

The 7 of Swords as a character is definitely a thief, there is no doubt on this one, at least not for me. Of course, Robin Hood was a thief, was he not? So, good or bad, is yet to be seen.


Sneaking and cunning, I plot and plan, setting my goals into actions. I’m smarter than you, you see, for I have the patience to outmaneuver you and eventually win.


Tip toe, tip toe, I move through the night unseen. You may be missing a bracelet, a watch, or a ring, but you’ll never suspect me.


I think things through, form a plan, and wait for the right moment to proceed.

I take one step at a time, adjusting my movements as needed. I will succeed, where others have rushed toward failure.


I concentrate on a single task and complete it with ease. Only then do I begin another task, staying focused on my work at hand.

Final Words

Watch out for the man standing too close, he may be after your wallet. The internet is also full of creeping thieves, waiting for an opportunity.
Don’t take on more tasks than you can complete. Put multitasking to the side. Focus on one job at a time. You’ll accomplish it faster and more effectively.

Enjoy your week!


Carla said...

This card has always been a bit of an enigma to me. I find I prefer the image in the Druidcraft -- this is a different take on plotting and scheming, the scholar in his study. Of course we know you can do some of the most nefarious thieving with pen and paper -- junk bonds, banking scandals, and stolen investments come to mind! I guess I never quite 'got' Pixie's tiptoeing sword thief.

Cher Green said...

Interesting image with the Druidcraft version. Brings a totally different energy than the RW.

Ellen said...

If you combine the Druidcraft and the Rider Waite you get plagiarism :)

Cher Green said...

Nice observation!