Monday, June 23, 2014

Lenormand Cartomancy by Christopher Butler - A Review

I have fallen in love with a new ‘Lenormand’ deck. Not one of those ‘love at first sight’ type of romances, but the kind you sink into, a comfort zone, a relationship which grows deeper with time.

When I first received my ‘review copy’ of the book and card kit - Lenormand Cartomancy by Christopher Butler, I flipped through the cards, glanced at the book content and set it aside. The cards were too busy, with their almost abstract images and wild playing card inserts. But, I was wrong, very wrong.

I pulled these cards out the other day and had a strange reaction. I became excited by just holding the cards and glancing through the images. I read through the book, mostly card descriptions and suggestions on spreads. And then, I threw a few cards in response to a quick question. 

I experienced the most amazing reading so far with the Lenormand. I connected. I had to laugh at myself. Why had these cards been so hard to figure out? I love ‘aha’ moments. I can’t even explain what happened. It may have been the deck, or it may have simply been time for me to make the break through with the Lenormand. No matter, this will definitely be my main Lenormand deck from now on.

The Review

Christopher Butler’s Lenormand Cartomancy deck is a vibrant, electrifying version of the traditional Lenormand. The cards measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The deck is the normal 36 cards, plus 2 extras. The author has provided an additional woman and man to the deck, attaching them to the opposite numbers of their original association. The deck fits snugly into the center of a 'Schiffer box' and is accompanied by a 96 page companion book.

The book contains a short introduction to Madame Lenormand and some information on the manual and the deck. The bulk of the book is on the meanings of each card: symbolism, as a person, as a time frame, and suggested combinations. The remainder of the book goes over various spreads and tips on reading. 

Although enjoying the point of view of this author on the deck and reading styles, I wouldn't recommend someone beginning their journey with this manual. It’s very limited in explanation and would take a seasoned reader to get much from the read. 

I would not recommend the deck for a beginner. Above, you see a few of the cards. While some may be obvious, a few could be confusing. For example, on first glance 16 The Star could easily be mistaken for The Ship if one does not have the knowledge of the number and card associations.  With the abstract images there are many cards that would confuse someone not familiar with the Lenormand.

If you've spent hours studying the Lenormand, have an understanding for the cards, basic keywords, combinations, and have even practiced with reading, but still have trouble connecting with the system, this may very well be the deck for you. The artwork and vibrant coloring are sure to appease your higher self and connect you with the divine.

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Grab your deck from Schiffer Publishing.

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