Monday, July 7, 2014

Do You Dare Succeed?

In 2012, I published both a review and a sample reading of The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding. Since then, I haven’t used this deck much. As I contemplated what to do for this week’s posting, the deck caught my attention.

The Transparent Tarot, based on the Rider-Waite tradition, takes the reader to a new level, beyond the basic Tarot. When you combine these cards, building layer upon layer, you ultimately create a new picture all together. Within these cards is your own personal oracle deck. 

I decided to go with one of the suggested layouts in the companion book. This is a three card reading--the gift, challenge, and goal of the day. You are to pull three cards for each position. I've pulled the cards for the week, rather than one day. 

As in the past, the cards present a clear, insightful reading.

The Gift – 7 Chariot, 14 Temperance, 3 of Swords
In the 3 of Swords, a man prepares for a self-sacrifice—a mental sacrifice, a letting go of old thoughts and beliefs. Above him, The Temperance rainbow shows the blending of two elements and the opposing figures of the horses of The Chariot. The shift of mental clarity, opposing and blending, weighs upon him. The only way to survive is to adjust and surrender to the change taking place.

The Gift for the week is the ability to let go of the old ways of thinking and allow new thoughts, actions, and emotions into play—the gift is CHANGE.

The Challenge – 17 Star, 6 of Cups, 8 of Cups
The Star explodes with the light of hope and creativity. (6 of Cups)The older-self hands off the past, giving it back to the earlier version of self. As she does so, she reviews the memories, taking a moment to keep a precious few. (8 of Cups)Freed of the past, she climbs toward the sun, her future, and her success.

The Challenge for the week is to release the past and move toward the future. There’s a certain fear of moving forward, of finding success, of having such hope as represented by the Star and its exploding energies. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where you are. The challenge is MOVING FORWARD.

The Goal – 3 Empress, 6 of Wands, 21 World
(Empress)Surrounded by the wonders of nature, (6 of Wands)the man takes a victory stance. He followed his journey and achieved success. The swirl of the World represents the achievement and the new cycle of activity to follow such success.

The Goal of the week is not only to achieve success but accept it, review it, be it. Sometimes we find the day when we actually reach our goal, but instead of celebrating, we quickly turn to the next goal. Taking the time to be a success is just as important as the actual doing. The goal is SUCCESS.

  • I am willing and able to change. Like a butterfly, I shed the old cocoon and embrace my new wings.
  • I release my past and step toward the light of my future.
  • I recognize and celebrate my achievements.


Ellen said...

What a great way to blend the cards together! I´ve never seen anybody use this deck before.
I don´t think I would buy it, but it does offer a wide range of interpretations

Cher Green said...

It's an interesting deck. It was on my to-purchase list, but before I could actually take the plunge, I received a 'review' copy. :)