Monday, July 14, 2014

Releasing the Old, Embracing the New

I decided to try out one of Carrie Paris' Magpie casting sheets for this week's post. She has multiple versions available for free at her website. The one I chose is a non-traditional Celtic Cross spread.

I haven't decided the best method for using these yet, casting or pulling. For this, I pulled them individually from the bag, which comes with the Magpie Oracle.

1. Your situation - Birds - Communication, Idle Chatter - You are talking about something too much, and not communicating what you truly wish to say.

2. What distracts you - Key - Openness, Control - You feel you have no control over what is being said; this distracts you from listening and understanding.

3. You are letting go of this - Anchor - Stability, Work Commitments - You are letting go of what keeps you stable, grounded.

4. This is what's opening to you - Tree - Growth, Creation - There is an opportunity for growth and developing new roots. Open yourself to all possibilities.

5. What you haven't recognized - Ring - Partnership, An Ongoing Loop - To become completely open, you must break the ongoing cycle you are currently in.

6. What you're beginning to understand from this reading (love this position!) - Lily - Peace, Tranquility - What I'm beginning to understand from this reading is Peace is my final destination. There is a door open to this tranquil, spiritual environment, yet when I get close, I start back at step one.

7. Outdated thinking brings this - Woman - Yourself - Continuing on the same road, with the same thinking patterns, brings you lack of growth. You remain as you are, with no movement forward.

8. Family and Friends offer this - Rider - News, Information - I believe this links back to the situation. They are offering, but you may not be listening.

9. Take this action - Scythe - Severance, Removal - Cut ties with the old ways, both your own thinking and the words being offered by family and friends. None of this is getting you to where you need to be.

10. The results of your action - Fish - Abundance, Prosperity - You will gain much more than you're letting go.

Overview - You find yourself with communication (birds) issues, because you feel out of control (key) of the situation. You have to first let yourself be free (anchor) in order to begin growing (tree) toward your possibilities. You may not have noticed, but you are continuously doing the same things over and over again (ring). This is keeping you from walking through the door leading to peace and tranquility (lily). Staying with the old ways (woman) and listening to the same words (rider) is only keeping you anchored to your old life. You need to cut ties (scythe) with past influences. By doing this, you will find abundance and prosperity (fish) and begin to grow and develop new roots (tree).


Ellen said...

Hi Cher
This is a totally new way to read Lenormand. I didn't know you could use these cards in a spread with positions. I am definitely going to try myself!
Thanks for sharing this :)

Cher Green said...

Ellen, You're welcome. Take deep breaths before you begin. And by all means, don't try to hard on this, just lean in to it. I began this process trying to think rationally and couldn't get anywhere. Once I let go, everything started to make sense. Good luck. :)