Monday, September 1, 2014

Climbing Toward Success - A Tea Leaf Reading

I recently found myself drawn back to the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. In May 2013, I posted The Week Ahead - Tea Leaf Forecast. Over the past few weeks, I've played around with the cards and have received surprising insights.

When doing a week forecast, you basically pull seven cards to apply to the week as a whole. You must them determine which cards connect with one another and read those together.

Cards in the order pulled - name and statement + additional thoughts from companion book:

  1. Ladder - Climbing toward success. (You are climbing toward success in some aspect of your life, but the clouds symbolize temporary problems that you will have to overcome first.)
  2. Angel - Spiritual guidance. Protection from harm. (during time frame shown)
  3. Flowers - Happiness. (during time frame shown)
  4. Tower - Solid foundation. Success with effort.
  5. Ant - Work, achievement, success.
  6. Bear - Danger, especially in money matters. (could refer to loss of money beyond control, repairs and such.)
  7. Target - A goal - oriented person. (could refer to you or another)
In the image, you see the grouping of the cards.


It's important to have a specific goal in mind (Target) as you take the necessary steps toward your success (Ladder). You may experience temporary problems (Ladder), but with a firm foundation (Tower) and hard work (Tower and Ant), there's no limit to your success (Ladder, Tower, Ant).

During the week, you'll be protected by Angels. You may notice more signs than usual with the added spiritual guidance. You'll also experience a easy, carefree happiness. Enjoy the gifts bestowed upon you: spiritual guidance, angel protection, and happiness. 

A certain amount of danger lingers, possibly in money matters. Watch your spending, but don't be too surprised by the lack of control you may have over the area of where the money may go. Repairs, replacement purchase, or some other unforeseen expense is possible.

Could the danger (Bear) be the temporary problem (clouds in Ladder) affecting the climb to success (Ladder)? Maybe, or it could be completely unrelated. Although, I'll be honest, if I'd read through the companion book before the grouping, I would have most likely put the Bear with the Ladder.

For the most part, the reading presents an encouraging week ahead. The Angel and Flowers cards alone are enough to make me look forward to the days ahead.

Although this is mostly a personal reading, you may find yourself nodding your head as it reveals aspects of your own life. We are all connected by energy, and that energy seems to extend similar situations among us. Feel free to comment on any aspect that seems to fall within your own week. 

Have a blessed week.


Ellen said...

It looks like they do read a lot like lenormand cards. Although it is very useful to see the keywords on the cards because there are so many of them, It would be great to have only the names of the card written on them so I would b eable to use meanings of my own (like bear is for me always strength and protection

Cher Green said...

Actually, these cards have nothing to do with Lenormand. Connecting the cards is similar, but the same process of connecting is pretty much done with all divination cards. The Tea Leave Fortune Cards is a set of 200 cards based on the various tea leaf formations of tea leaf reading.

Ellen said...

That's a lot of cards :)

Cher Green said...

:) Yes, yes it is. The deck come with a large bag, lol. You can pull them from it, or scatter them on a table. I find the bag is the best method. The cool thing is, just like with the Tarot and Lenormand, I seem to get some of the same cards repeatedly. This is my clue that they are indeed working, and making sense.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...


Cher Green said...

:) Agreed. These cards are almost too accurate, a little scary. :)