Monday, August 25, 2014

A Deeper Look into The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase

I thought it might be helpful to see an example of what a reading produced from the book information would look like.

One of the spreads suggested is the three cards spread—past, present, and future.

Focusing on the week ahead, I pulled the 7 of Wands (reversed), Page of Swords (reversed), and 9 of Pentacles. The following interpretations are directly from the book.


Everyone gets rejected at some point. You just took yours a little harder than most. Fine - now get past it.


Rebel without a cause or rebel without a clue - either way, you're going against the accepted status quo.


There's no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are able to take care of yourself...a noble goal, to be sure.

Pulling this together into a more fluent reading, you may say: You've been rejected recently and took it hard, but it's time to get past the hurt feelings. You approach things from a different angle than most, going against the accepted ways. This will lead you to great things and allow you to take care of yourself, not having to rely on others for financial or material support.

Overall, I'd say a pretty good outcome. 

What do you think? Would this interpretation be satisfactory to you? Do you see the cards differently than what's presented above? Share your thoughts. Do you plan to purchase this book and give it a go?

My thoughts: Before interpreting the reading with the book, I did my own interpretation to have something to compare to. In some ways they were similar, while others slightly different. The view on the Page was the biggest difference. For me, this Page represents a cold, isolated individual who has shrouded himself from the outside world. I look upon it as the 'poor, pitiful me moment'.

A quick look at my interpretation versus 'straight from the book'.

You've had enough. You feel as if you are unable to stand up for what you believe any longer. You've given up and let go. (Results of rejection? Very possible.)

Now, in order to cope, you turn cold, tell yourself what you need to hear, and pull the sheets over your head. You are having a 'poor pitiful me moment'. (Rebel without a clue? Possibly.)

But, as you pull yourself out of the dumps, you see what really is. You find that you are okay. You can do this all on your own. You are able and capable of rising to the challenge, supporting yourself and surviving in solitude if need be. (Satisfaction of knowing you can take care of yourself? Definitely.)

As you see, the interpretations are fairly similar. 

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Ellen said...

Hi Cher
This is a crisp and clear comparison. It is nice to see you and the boo are on the same page :)
This could be a great use for such books: check you personal readings once in a while to see if you intuitive interpretations aren't to biased

Cher Green said...

Glad you liked the comparison. I was actually a little surprised by the likeness.