Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review: Crystals, Plain & Simple

Crystals, Plain & Simple
Author: Cass and Janie Jackson
Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Description: 135 page book

Crystal, Plain & Simple is an excellent beginner's guide into the world of crystals. Many topics are covered in the pages of this book, so don't expect in-depth coverage, but there's enough to peek your interest and steer in the direction of discovery.

I became interested in crystals a few years back. The idea that these stones have special properties and abilities is fascinating. My collection of both crystals and the knowledge of their specialties have grown over the time I've spent with them. This guide will be placed upon my shelf for quick and easy reference to various crystals.

The topics covered by the authors are:
  • What are crystals? - "Most crystals are of mineral origin - though modern usage of the term "crystal" includes amber, pearl, coral, and a few items that are not mineral in origin."
  • Crystal Legends and Folklore - "Sardonyx was used in India and Persia to protect against the evil eye, ..."
  • How to Bring Crystals Into Your Life - covers choosing, cleansing, purifying, bonding, and charging
  • Crystals for Psychic Development and Divination - covers a few crystals and methods
  • Crystals for Visualization and Positive Thought - covers how a few crystals can help
  • Crystals for Meditations - covers the best crystals for process
  • Healing with Crystals - covers healing properties of a few crystals, touches on chakras, and other healing methods
  • A Gallery of Crystals - presents information on a variety of crystals
  • Crystals in Everyday Life - offers practices to include your crystals into your daily life
  • Crystal Correspondence - covers birthstones, zodiac, anniversaries, and good luck charms
  • Growing Your Own Crystals - instructions to grow your own crystals
"Amber - This material has been used for healing throat problems since at least Roman times. It is most effective for curing throat disorders but also for relieving respiratory problems and any related pain. Amber also helps to relieve depression."

"Hematite enables the user to disconnect from everyday material affairs so that they may then connect with the unseen and develop great psychic powers."

I recommend this book to anyone interested in beginning a journey into the world of crystals and their special qualities.

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