Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moon Phases

Full moon rising by Andrew McMillan

Did you know that a woman's menstrual cycle begins during the first day of her moon?

I know a little about astrology, like creating a natal chart. I didn't realize how the movement of the moon actually affects us.

Astrology is an area I would like to learn more about, so expect to see more of it on the blog as I discover the secrets of Astrology.

Would you like to test this?

Natal charts are available on line, free. Here's one:, but if you Google you will find many.

Here's a calendar that charts the movement of the moon:


fhate said...

hi cher. i love reading your blog, and its really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

fhate, Thank you so much for the comment. Inspiring another is a huge compliment in my world.

Hope you have a wonderful day,