Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Personality Card

Discovering a better understanding of yourself is one way to use the Tarot cards. Creating a Tarot Profile is one step toward this.

The first card to discover is the Personality Card. This card reflects what you have come in to this particular lifetime to learn.

To find this card, add the numerical values of your birthday and reduce number to 22 or below.

Example: 12-10-1972 = 12+10+1972 = 1994 = 1+9+9+4 = 23 = 5

Your Personality Card is then selected by corresponding number with card from Major Arcana.

In this case, my Personality Card is The Hierophant.

The Hierophant represents the need to follow tradition, ceremony or a path of ideas and beliefs. It represents an interest in spiritual matters, or a spiritual mentor.

The Hierophant is the keeper of religious knowledge. Unlike the High Priestess, who keeps the knowledge for the sake of holding, the Hierophant keeps the knowledge for the sake of sharing.

If your Personality Card is The Hierophant, your lessons for this lifetime are to create a sturdy foundation for your spiritual beliefs and to share them with others. You are to be a teacher of a spiritual nature. This may come any many forms, not necessarily religious is traditional ways, although I would be surprised to find a preacher with the Hierophant as his/her Personality Card. You may teach through writing, through workshops, or perhaps sharing on the Internet. Your spiritual beliefs could range from tarot studies, kindness to others, family values, etc. The main point of this lifetime is to share your beliefs to better educate and bring understanding to others.

What is your Personality Card? What are your lessons in this lifetime?

Share with us your card, and I'll post on that particular Personality Card to give you better understanding of your lessons.


IDEALIST said...

shouldn't the life parth number be based on you D.O.B and your personality number is often related to your name?

Thanks for sharing

Cher Green said...

You could possibly do that. This is the 'Personality Card' method introduced in 'Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer.

IDEALIST said...

Sorry am wrong and you’re right I was thinking of name numerology.... I read Mary K. Greer's book and I am 22,4,13 and it makes sense...

Cher Green said...

No need to be sorry. There are many methods, like you mention the name numerology. Glad you grabbed the book - it's very enlightening. Best wishes.