Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fool's Journey - Faith

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 

Continuance of The Fool's Journey - The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor

Note: This card is also known as “The Hierophant”, “The High Priest”, or “The Pope” depending on the deck you use.

The Fool wandered through the streets, weaving in and out of the people. Voices rose in the distance, and he followed the sound.

He came upon a golden pole, which seem to extend high above into nothingness. Four men, dressed in gowns, stood around the glowing rod, with their heads bowed.

As he grew near, one man raised his head and looked upon him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. The words you speak, they sound so beautiful. What do they mean?”

“That would depend on who is speaking them,” the man said.

“Yes, beautiful,” another man said.

All eyes were upon him and the Fool shifted slightly.

“No need to be nervous boy. Come closer, we will teach you,” the man said.

“What do the words mean?” the Fool asked again.

“My brother here speaks the truth.” An older man stepped toward him. “It all depends on the speaker. To one the words may speak of love and tenderness. To another they may speak of respect and loyalty. There is but one God, but his followers follow in many ways.”

“Who is this God that you speak of?”

“Again, it would depend on who you were to ask. God is many things to many people. He may be the provider of your good nature, or to another he may be the light in your heart.”

“How will you teach me?” the Fool questioned.

“We will share with you our thoughts and beliefs, but then you must choose your own path. You may follow with one of us or you may decide to discover your own way. The choice is always yours in the end.”

The Fool stayed with the four men for many days. He listened, learned, and practiced alongside each man, absorbing knowledge. Time neared for his departure. He thanked each man for their help and guidance and bid farewell, promising to continue his studies.

The Fool traveled to the edge of town and sat beside a tree to rest. Beyond the town, the world grew green once again. A road wound downward into a shelter of trees. The Fool closed his eyes and prepared for his journey.

The journey continues...The Lovers

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