Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Higher Intuitions Oracle Reading

Higher Intuitions Oracle, a 44 card deck and 128 page companion book, offers guidance through animal spirits.

Your angels and your guides frequently give signs and symbols in order to help you along your paths of enlightenment and good. 

Animals are messengers of the spirit world. One should take note when animals display unusual mannerisms or seem to reappear at unusual times and odd places. The Higher Intuitions Oracle brings these messages to your reading table and can help guide you in your path.

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One of the suggest spreads for this deck is the Lifetime Animal, a three card spread with the following positions.
  1. Lifetime Animal - What you need to work on throughout your entire lifetime.
  2. Primary Animal - What you need to work with in the present.
  3. Soul Journey - What your guides are guiding you towards.
Here’s a sample reading using this spread and the Higher Intuitions Oracle.

Lifetime Animal – Phoenix, Take Flight

Keywords: newness, rebirth, change and vividness

Quote: “When once you have tasted flight, you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward: for there you have been and there you will always be.” ~ Henry Van Dyke

Phoenix is helping you shed your old ways in order to prepare you for a new life, one that you have been waiting. You are on the verge of wonderful. The companion book goes on to speak of letting the old go, spiritual awakening and guidance.
Primary Animal – Pegasus, Soar
Keywords: soar, small things, release, leap

Quote: “The higher we soar, the smaller we seem to those who can’t fly.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

If you have chosen Pegasus, this is the time for you to soar – take charge of your creations and release the shackles from your spirit and soul. The companion book goes on to speak of having patience and believing in self, accepting heaven-sent messages, and noticing the smaller joys of life. The message ends with: The hardest part is to take that leap, but once you do…then you’ll soar.
Soul Journey – Bat, Clarity

Keywords: hidden fears, open mind, heart and soul, passion

Quote: “Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distantly what it loves.” ~ Blaise Pascal

If you chose bat, you are being told that the clarity that you seek must be sought in a different way. Now is the time to look at your life subjectively and see where you can add positive and passionate changes. The companion book goes on to speak of establishing good communications with loved ones and releasing your fears.
Overview: As I look upon these cards, the fact they all have wings seems significant. In my life, birds have become an interest and a source of daydreaming. Wouldn't it be wonderful to soar above, away from all the stress and turmoil? With the Phoenix as my Lifetime Animal, I feel I’m working toward the right goals in life. I’m definitely going through changes, and I have no doubt most of my current issues have been dragged from past lives into this one. A spiritual awakening is in progress. With the Pegasus as my Primary Animal, I feel this is a significant time, the moment of leaping forward toward life lessons and life goals – a leap into soaring, taking flight. This is the time to chase after my dreams. With the Bat as my Soul Journey, revealing what my guides are guiding me toward, to take the leap, my fears must be released, and a new level of trust must be found in order to take the leap into my flight.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick look at the Higher Intuitions Oracle. 

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