Friday, June 21, 2013

Litha 2013 - Tarot Blog Hop - The Journey

June 21st, the longest day and shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere, is known as the Summer Solstice, Midsummer, and Litha. While some celebrate the day with a traditional bonfire, others celebrate with offerings of gifts and altars to the faerie world.

During this time we, participants of the Tarot Blog Hop, wish to share with each other and you our abundance in creative and playful ways (perhaps we could say in the way of faeries.) Through dance, song, tales, and feasts, we bring together tarot and talent. Enjoy!

My gifts, my talent, reveal  through the written word -  storytelling, sharing/gaining knowledge, tarot reading, and expression.

To celebrate Litha, I offer a Tarot inspired poem delivered through divinity.

Deck – Crystal Visions Tarot
Bottom Card (used to determine number of cards) - 3
Cards Selected – 9 of Swords, 14 Temperance, 5 of Wands

The Journey

Rest your head, child,
For it’s not as seems,
Discard your worries.
No need for fear.

Dream of rainbows,
Butterflies, peace,
Rivers and love.

You’re not at war.
Life is a challenge.
No wins or defeats,
Only lessons learned.

Awaken each day,
To tests and trials,
Feats for your soul.

Thrive to teach, to learn,
With each new breath,
Till you arrive home,
From your journey.

The Tarot Blog Hop is a chain of blogs where each blogger touches upon the suggested topic. The blog before this stop is at Alison Cross' This Game of Thrones, and the blog stop after is JordanHoggard’s Land of Mystereum. If you've managed to arrive here without a map, here is the masterlist of participating bloggers.


Vivianne said...

I love the colors in that deck :)

Alison Cross said...

This blog hop seems to have brought out the poet in so many people - well done Cher!

Ali x

Unknown said...

Wow! Love your poem!

Unknown said...

Lovely poem :)

Unknown said...

Love those lions on the 5 of wands. Thanks for the encouragement.

Louise Underhill said...

Liking the look of that deck and I love the poem, thank you! :)

Tarot By Arwen said...

I love this deck. It's really evocative. Nice poem. You really captured a valuable life lesson there.

Jenna | Queen of Wands Tarot said...

It would seem both of our poems had a similar tone and conclusion, huzzah to poets and to the bright sun, fairyland and playful meanderings that support poetry so. well done!

Cher Green said...

Thank you all for stopping by. This deck is one of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

Jordan said...

Rock on, Cher! Love the embrace of the perpetual present in your poem. A wonderfully heartening expression of the Sun.

Cher Green said...

Thanks, Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lovely deck imagery. I thought the lions as part of the five of wands was really interesting. And a very flowing and connected interpretation in your poem of the messages in the cards. Thanks!

Cher Green said...

Joanne, Glad you liked the poem. Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon Cumming said...

Love the way you used tarot to inspire your writing. Great poem! :)

Cher Green said...


Thanks. Glad you could stop by.

Inner Whispers said...

Thanks for sharing a wonderful poem. I also loved your process for creating it - bottom card for the number of cards to draw. Will have to give that a go!

Neopagan Priestess said...

What a magical deck to take your inspiration from! Fabulous poem, too :)

Cher Green said...

Inner Whispers/Neopagan Priestess,

Thank you both for stopping by.

Determining the number of cards from the bottom card is an intriguing method. Another is taking the same card to reflect the overall them of the reading itself.

Magical Deck indeed. :)