Monday, August 4, 2014

Release and Renewal

A message from Spirit for the week of August 4-10:

Let go of what holds you back, allow yourself to step out of your invisible bonds and let go of past nightmares.

There’s a lot of blocked and wasted energy here.

The Hanged Man stands upright in his reversed position. Past issues have been released, yet you continue to hang on. You avoid walking away. You're wasting energies standing still like this. It’s time to move forward.

The bonds of fear of the 8 of Swords no longer hold you captive. You stay now out of obligation, maybe even because of some sort of love or habit. Your trap has been sprung. You can step away from this.

The nightmare of the 9 of Swords has dissipated in the light of day. All negative thought and worry are gone. Open your eyes to the brighter days before you.

The sum of the cards offers you a bit of advice—a clear message revealed. (12+8+9=29=11 Justice) It’s time for you to give yourself a fair chance. The verdict is in and you are free—to go, to be, to live fully.  

Have a blessed week.


Ellen said...

This reading is a great inspiration to finally dive into reversals.
Thank you :)

Cher Green said...

Take the dive. :) The best way to start is decide on what a reversal means in general, such as blocked energies of the card. Then, apply that to the upright meaning and there you go. Good luck.