Monday, August 18, 2014

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread by Shannon MacLeod

Anyone can read the tarot, but not everyone wants to take the time and energy to study the cards and develop knowledge through long hours and many practice readings.

Shannon MacLeod has put it all out there for you, making it simple to throw the cards out and quickly put words to your spread.

Her book, Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase, introduces three spreads—the Celtic Cross, Three Cards, and One Card, with positional explanations and instructions on how to use the book to translate the cards into a reading.

The remainder of the book is devoted to the 78 tarot cards. She provides the meaning of each card, upright and reversed, in each position of the Celtic Cross.

Shannon approaches the whole with a pinch of humor.

I do have some negative feelings on this whole aspect of “Painting-by-Numbers” method introduced by this book. To me, it takes away from the tarot as a whole. Tarot is meant to be explored by the individual and embraced by the intuitive connection the cards can provide. You are the artist and the Tarot becomes the tool.

With that said, I do think people will like this book. Especially someone who wants to just throw a few cards from time to time and see what happens. Not everyone wants to be a tarot reader. This book will give you the means to cast a quick reading and get a little meaning out of the cards pulled. And who knows, it may lead you down the Tarot Journey, a road you may not have taken otherwise.

Available at Schiffer Publishing in October, 2014.

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Ellen said...

I had a book like that when I started with tarot. It made me feel like I could really read the cards a whole lot better. So it was very empowering to have such a book

Cher Green said...

Ellen, I can see how that would work out, build your confidence, and even begin you on the journey to go deeper. :)