Monday, November 5, 2018

Guidance for November - Be Yourself

The Witch's Oracle
Marla Brooks &
Aunia Kahn
I decided to stick with the Witch Theme going into November. We are only five days in, and I've already gained great guidance from the deck. I'm looking forward to experience the whole month with The Witch's Oracle by Marla Brooks and Aunia Kahn.

I reviewed the deck in October 2015.

As you all know I usually shut the blog down during this time of the year due to the holiday rush at the post office. I did this reading on the first of the month, but it took a little bit to find the time to put everything together for the post. So, please be patient with the posting times over the next few months.

As we step into this new month, we ask for guidance. How should we approach the month? What can we expect?

Ravens are often seen as messengers, carrying messages back and forth from a higher plane. It's important for us to take the time to listen, to hear what they have to say. On this card there are two ravens, one large and one small. I feel this is telling us that messages arrive in many different sizes. We may overlook one small whisper, when faced with a larger message. We must remember this month that no message is too small. Everything is important.

A Familiar is an animal companion that is emotionally bonded to its human partner. The animal sheds light on the characteristics of the human. Some believe this to be a demon in animal form, but it is, at least for us, in this reading, an animal guide or totem. This card suggests that it is time to be you and let go of the disguise. Believe you are enough for this world. There's no need to hide, anymore.

The Crystal Ball is one of the most well-known methods of divination. This card indicates a need to discover information that is unseen at this time. The answers to the questions that plaque you can be found in the 'who you were', not the 'who you are now'. I feel this may very well be referring back to the Familiar card - the disguise of 'who you are now' is hiding the answers you seek.

The theme of November is Communication, but not with others, a dialogue with yourself. The Raven whispers words of truth, "Be yourself, your true self." By following this guidance, you will discover the answers you seek. And, of course, they were with you the whole time, hidden beneath the disguise. Easier said than done, I know. Truths are usually harder to accept than the lovely lies we tell ourselves daily.

Happy November!

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