Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Blogger/Tarot Enthusiast Review

I reflected on my blogging journey and writing adventures on my writing blog this week. I decided to do something similar here on the tarot blog.

Tarot Guidance began January 2010. Over the two year period, I have met many tarot/spiritual people, helped countless individuals with my tarot readings, and learned a great deal about myself.

This blog has moved further than just being a tarot blog. We've discussed Angels, Spirit Guides, Crystals, and more. The year 2012 will bring many more interesting topics as I move into further spiritual exploration. I hope to cross paths with more individuals and discover new directions in this journey we call life.

The top posts of the life of this blog have been:

I plan to present more interviews, complete the Fool's Journey, and post more readings in the coming year.

Also, you may have notice the missing images - I do plan to get these back in place as soon as possible. I've worked on them, but because each post has to have a specific image to match the reading or card discussed, it is taking a good amount of time.

Best wishes to all. See you next year.

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