Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do Angels watch over us?

Angel prayers on Public Domain Images 
As we move through our daily lives, do we have Angels helping us along the path?

There, of course, is controversy in such a question, but many have experienced events which lead one to say 'yes'.

Angels are seen as God's helpers. They will come and help us in our daily trials if we only ask for their assistance. Each human has freewill, but this freewill can allow you to hand over troubles to God and his helpers, and they will assist you.

We don't have to struggle through this life alone. Each of us has at least one angel watching over us at all times, but only certain circumstances allow him/her to intervene without our request.

Take a moment of faith and ask for the help of Angels with your trials or the trials of another.


IDEALIST said...

Season Greetings ; - )

I have to admit that all this can be confusing with Hierarchy of Angels, Sprit Guides, Ascended Masters an so on. The notion of angels brings up the question, why are we here? If there is an afterlife why do we need help staying on earth? And does the devil have helpers? if so who are they?

I have only seen my sprit guide/guides. I do not know anyone who has ever seen an angel but my former manager once told me that she went to see an Indian women who was a guru at some big event in London with her cousin.

Whilst the woman was chanting she saw (in her words) 'god's head'. Above the gurus head was a huge mountain and climbing the mountain was people such as Ghandi, Martin Luther king and other known and unknown people all climbing to the top.

Naturally My manager thought it was an illusion and when she left the venue she asked her cousin if she had seen anything unusual but her cousin had not seen what my manager had seen..... I guess the woman was being supported by Ascended Masters. Strange but true....

Cher Green said...

Greetings to you Idealist.

Yes it can be confusing. And who really knows anyway? But, my guess is angels and spirit guides are either similar or the same.

Depending on who you ask, we choice to come into the physical world to learn lessons. The angels/spirit guides help us to remember to our chosen paths and guide us when needed.

By the way, I've read of visions of spirit guides with wings.