Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you see repeating numbers?

As you go about your day, are you experiencing an odd case of multiple number sightings? Do you seem to be haunted by the sight of 111, 222, 333, or another number showing itself everywhere?

A friend told me long ago this was the spirit world trying to get my attention. For some reason, I never looked deeper. I assumed when it happened, I just needed to pay more attention.

333 seems to be the most frequent repeater in my life, but over the last few weeks a lot of numbers are jumping out at me. Is this something worth taking note of? Well, I thought it may be, so I started looking around on the internet.

Laura @ dives deeper into this subject and offers a 15-page report on the meanings of these repeating numbers. She gives explanations into the sightings and meanings. Definitely something to check out if you are plagued by repeating numbers. Basically, these are messages from your spirit guide and angels.

Tuesday morning, a message came at 2:22 AM. Yes, I was up at this time. :) I had just laid down after working on some writing and glanced at the clock. Coincidence? I guess if you believe in such a thing, we could go with that.

According to Laura, 222 means the next step in the ladder, confirmation that your thoughts are aligned with truth, and you should proceed with that thought.

I was writing before I saw the message, pondering over my goals for the coming year. So, if this message is truly from the spirit guides, guess I'm on the right track.

Share your thoughts and experiences with repeating numbers.

Have a great Thursday!


IDEALIST said...

Yeah that’s funny I started to have lot’s of dreams with the numbers 111 and 333.

I did a post on Friday, 23 September 2011 on this topic!

Cher Green said...

And you even used the same source as I did for reference. :) It's amazing how things seem to connect to one another. I've never actually dreamed about these numbers. I usually catch them on the clocks in various locations.

IDEALIST said...

Sorry I was at University and had limited time to write, I was going to say although we have both sourced the same info I am not sure if what people have interpreted is even correct.

They have not explained why the sequences stand for what they claim it stands for. It is not like the tarot that is embedded with meaning and almost everything can be explained.....

For the last year I have felt connected to the number three (seeing and dreaming of things related to the number three).

Like I said on my blog I just turned 30 and 111 or 1+1+1=3 and 333 is three lot's of three's but it also =9. My name numerology name number is 3 although overall I have mostly 9's (I have spoken about name numerology on my main blog...)

Three also relates to the colour yellow (and number 9 is gold)yellow is the colour of the solar plexus(which have been trying to heal) and the number 3 also relates to the solar plexus number (third chakra)...... yellow relates to the sun so does gold.... my sun sun is leo and that also connects to the sun....

To cut a long story short as you already said everything is connected therefore everything can have meaning (if you want it to have meaning). I believe that the sources we found are right in essence. Sequences are messages from our higher selves and higher energy they are using higher vibrations to contact us in the form of numbers. (this whole sequence phenomenon reminds me of close encounters of the third kind, although we are all being called but only those who find meaning in this will listen....)

You said that you see 222, which could be about the number 6 or the number two. Another great way to understand this is by looking at the tarot 2 and 6 the six card is all about choice and duality which relates to the number two......

finally, I wanted to say that some of these numbers could also relate to master numbers such as

this site has good info-

Cher Green said...

Thank you for the added insight and the link. Very interesting.