Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do crystals really have special powers?

The healing power of crystals is a subject I've only mildly researched, but figured it was worth a try.

I've experience major negativity in my work place and it was really bringing me down, both physically and spiritually.

At first, I carried a clear quartz stone in my pocket, but it only seemed to mildly disrupt the flow of negativity surrounding me. I finally decided to go a step further and am glad I did.

With my new amethyst crystal necklace - seen in the photo - I have been freed of the largest proportion of the negative energy. It's still there in the workplace, but it no longer affects me in the same way.

Each type of crystal has different power abilities. Concentrating on protection, I chose the amethyst.

Protection: Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

The Amethyst also represents the Crown Chakra, and is known to increase spiritual awareness.

My anxiety level was extremely high by the time the necklace arrived. For the first two nights, I wore it to bed to help me sleep. Its ability to ward off nightmares proved true, but I experienced a lack of dreams all together. Feeling dreams are a way of the mind to work through daily matters, I discontinued the process of wearing the necklace to bed.

It's been almost a month, and I feel so much better than I did before I placed my crystal around my neck.

Have you used crystals for protection? Do you have suggestions on learning more about the power of crystals? Share your thoughts/experiences.


Inner Whispers said...

Hi Cher,

So glad to hear the amethyst has helped! As for suggestions on learning about their power, I often meditate holding a crystal, or two. I try to feel the crystal's energy, and how it is affecting me. And I choose different crystals depending on how I'm feeling, which of my chakras I think needs balancing, and what's going on in my life :)

Cher Green said...

Thanks for commenting. Haven't tried crystals during meditation, but sounds like a great idea.

Kitty said...

Is there a religion focusing on JUST chakra and crystal usage?

Cher Green said...

Kitty, I wish I could answer your questions, but I'm not sure if there is or not.